Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood

Specification of Marine Plywood

Product Name: Marine plywood
Finish: Sanded two sides pine face or hardwood veneer face
Glue: Phenolic Resin WBP
Veneer Grade: AA Grade
Sheet Dimensions: 1220mm x 2400mm;1220 x 610mm
Thickness: 6mm;9mm;12mm;18mm;21mm
Density: 580-630kgs/CBM

Marine plywood is a top-quality plywood specifically designed for marine applications. It features an “AA” grade pine or hardwood veneer face and back, providing exceptional veneer quality that is ideal for staining and painting. The plywood is bonded with a type A phenolic marine grade adhesive, ensuring superior strength and durability. With its excellent waterproof properties, density, bending strength, impact resistance, and surface finishing characteristics, marine plywood is the preferred choice for various marine projects. In this article, we will delve into the specifications and features of marine plywood, including its finish options, glue type, veneer grade, sheet dimensions, thickness range, and density.

  1. Finish: Sanded Two Sides Pine Face or Hardwood Veneer Face Marine plywood comes with a sanded finish on both sides, offering a smooth surface for optimal staining and painting. The plywood is available with either a pine face or a hardwood veneer face, allowing for customization and versatility in achieving the desired aesthetic appearance.
  2. Glue: Phenolic Resin WBP Marine plywood is manufactured using a type A phenolic resin WBP (Water Boil Proof) glue. This glue type provides excellent water resistance, ensuring that the plywood can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and harsh marine conditions. The phenolic resin WBP glue offers strong bonding strength, contributing to the plywood’s overall durability and structural integrity.
  3. Veneer Grade: AA Grade Marine plywood features an “AA” grade veneer on both the face and back. The AA grade represents the highest quality veneer, with minimal defects and consistent appearance. This high-grade veneer ensures the plywood’s superior aesthetic appeal and enhances its overall strength and performance.
  4. Sheet Dimensions: Standard Size for Easy Handling Marine plywood is available in standard sheet dimensions of 1220mm x 2400mm and 1220mm x 610mm. These sizes provide convenience and compatibility with marine construction projects. The standard dimensions facilitate easy handling and installation, ensuring efficiency during the construction process.
  5. Thickness Range: Wide Selection for Various Applications Marine plywood is offered in a range of thickness options to cater to different marine requirements. Common thicknesses include 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 21mm. This wide selection allows for versatility in meeting specific project needs, providing suitable strength and durability for various marine applications.
  6. Density: 580-630kgs/CBM Marine plywood exhibits a high density, typically ranging from 580 to 630 kilograms per cubic meter (kgs/CBM). This high-density composition contributes to the plywood’s exceptional strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. The density ensures that the plywood can withstand the demanding conditions of marine environments, offering reliable performance and longevity.

Marine plywood stands as the optimal choice for marine applications due to its exceptional strength, stiffness, and waterproof characteristics. With its “AA” grade pine or hardwood veneer face and back, the plywood provides excellent staining and painting options. The type A phenolic resin WBP glue ensures superior water resistance and strong bonding. Available in standard sheet dimensions and a range of thicknesses, marine plywood offers convenience and versatility in marine construction projects. Its high density and durability make it suitable for marine applications requiring reliable performance and long-term protection against the elements. When it comes to marine projects, marine plywood proves to be the preferred choice for its exceptional quality and suitability.


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