Poplar Plywood

Poplar Plywood

Specification of Poplar Plywood

Product Name: Poplar plywood
Finish: Sanded two sides Poplar face
Core: Poplar,Combi
Glue: MR/E1/E2/E0/WBP
Veneer Grade: BB/CC;BB/BB;CC/DD
Sheet Dimensions: 1220mm x 2400mm
Thickness: 3mm;3.6mm;6mm;9mm;12mm;15mm;18mm;21mm;25mm
Density: 520-550kgs/CBM

Interior packing: 0.2mm plastic;
Outside packing: Bottom is pallets, covered with plastic film,around is carton or plywood, strengthen by steel or iron strip. Suitable for container loading, unloading and container shipping.

Poplar plywood is a popular choice for various construction and furniture projects. Made from high-quality poplar veneer for the face and back, with a poplar or combi core, it offers excellent bending strength, durability, and versatility. With its sanded two-sided poplar face, this plywood is widely used in furniture and cabinet making, door and window frames, ceilings, carpentry, and decoration. In this article, we will explore the specifications and features of poplar plywood, including its finish, core type, glue options, veneer grade, sheet dimensions, thickness range, and density. We will also discuss the packaging options available for this plywood.

  1. Finish: Sanded Two-Sided Poplar Face Poplar plywood features a sanded two-sided poplar face, providing a smooth and uniform surface that is ready for further treatment or finishing. This finish allows for ease of painting, staining, or applying other decorative coatings according to specific design preferences.
  2. Core: Poplar or Combi The plywood is available with either a poplar or combi core. The poplar core offers excellent strength and durability, while the combi core combines poplar with other suitable wood species for enhanced performance.
  3. Glue: MR/E1/E2/E0/WBP Poplar plywood is manufactured with various glue options to meet specific requirements. The available glue types include MR (Moisture Resistant), E1, E2, E0, and WBP (Water Boil Proof). These glues ensure strong bonding and contribute to the plywood’s durability and resistance to moisture.
  4. Veneer Grade: BB/CC; BB/BB; CC/DD Poplar plywood is available in different veneer grades to suit various applications. Common grades include BB/CC, BB/BB, CC/DD, indicating the quality and appearance of the veneer on the face and back of the plywood.
  5. Sheet Dimensions: 1220mm x 2400mm Poplar plywood comes in standard sheet dimensions of 1220mm x 2400mm. This size provides convenience in handling and installation, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.
  6. Thickness Range: Poplar plywood is offered in a range of thicknesses to accommodate different construction needs. Common thickness options include 3mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 25mm. This variety allows for flexibility in design and structural requirements.
  7. Density: 520-550kgs/CBM Poplar plywood exhibits a density ranging from 520 to 550 kilograms per cubic meter (kgs/CBM). The density influences the plywood’s strength, stability, and overall quality. Higher density boards generally offer increased strength and durability.

Poplar plywood is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during transportation and storage. The interior packing includes a 0.2mm plastic layer to shield the plywood from scratches or damage. The exterior packing consists of pallets as the bottom support, covered with plastic film to provide additional protection. Cartons or plywood are placed around the sides of the pallets, reinforced with steel or iron strips. This packaging configuration is suitable for efficient container loading, unloading, and container shipping.

Poplar plywood stands as a versatile and durable solution for furniture, cabinet making, and various decorative applications. With its sanded two-sided poplar face, it offers a smooth and uniform surface for further finishing. The choice of poplar or combi core, along with different glue options, ensures strength, durability, and resistance to moisture. The availability of various veneer grades, sheet dimensions, and thicknesses provides flexibility for different project requirements. With a density range of 520-550kgs/CBM, poplar plywood exhibits stability and reliability in its performance. The carefully designed packaging ensures the protection of the plywood during transportation and storage, making it suitable for container shipping. Whether used in interior design or construction projects, poplar plywood is an excellent choice for achieving high-quality and aesthetically pleasing results


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